Wednesday, January 23, 2013

CEOSpace, Bernie Dohrman, & Dave Phillipson

CEOSPACE: What is this outfit?

Dave Phillipson of CEOSpace

Take extra precautions if you run into this man at CEOSpace or elsewhere. I am not suggesting that he is disreputable but he does behave bizarrely in public in my humble opinion and works for a gent who is a convicted felon at CEOSpace. The founder of this networking group has served time in prison according to public records and keeps changing his first name every year: Bernhard Dohrman, Bernie Dohrman, Bernard Dohrman, etc. However, it does appear that he has now paid his debt to society. Bless his soul.

You can read more about these characters here:

Rip-off Report on CEOSpace

See top left article.,675440

Pals with a convicted 'con man'

This is Dohrman's chief gopher Dave Phillipson. He looks about fifteen years older in person and acts like a used car salesman on a do or die mission to sell you a clunker so that he won't go homeless.

I won't say this all a scam but just be careful around these people.